ALBOHES Z5 Robotic Window Cleaner Automatic Glass Cleaning Robot Flash Sale

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ALBOHES Z5 Robotic Window Cleaner Automatic Glass Cleaning Robot Flash Sale

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I heard you are still cleaning the window with your hands and sponge, stepping on a stool, and even putting your arms out to wipe the outer layer window of the 16th floor – it is high time for you to abandon the traditional, inefficient and dangerous methods because ALBOHES window cleaner appears!

Come to know ALBOHES window cleaner now:
Built-in smart window cleaning system – AI technology to identify window frames and obstacles.
With two wheels to freely traverse on the window surface or wall surface, ALBOHES window cleaner can wipe gently without scratch.
An embedded UPS ( Uninterrupted Power System ) keeps the device running 20 – 25 minutes when AC power is disconnected, prevents the robot from falling off the window.
Adopts German vacuum motor technology, that helps the robot suck air and stand on the glass surface.
Furthermore, the device can be manually operated to clean under 3 modes from the remote controller – auto up then down, auto left then down and auto right then down.

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