Top 5 Best Water Purifiers, Water Dispenser 2018

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Buying a new Water Purifier may sound simple, but the sheer number of options can make it a little trickier than you’d expect. You have to choose the right type, size, style, and extra features to ensure the one fits your needs. These Water Purifiers sell much better than the propane equivalents due to moderate price and good results. Everything … For our review, we have chosen 5 types of Water Purifiers which are the most common.

NO. 1
Gearbest VIOMI 4L Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser
VIOMI 4L Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser

VIOMI Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser allows you to enjoy fresh and safe hot or cold water instantly in your home or office. Enjoy the convenience of drinks at just the right temperature whenever you want them. VIOMI water dispenser has a high-flow mechanism, so you can fill up cups or other containers more quickly. It also produces near-boiling temperatures for preparing coffee, tea, soups or other instant or hot meals. The one-button control is easy to use, and a child safety latch prevents little ones from dispensing hot water. Styling and contemporary white appearance match many homes or offices.

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NO. 2
Gearbest 500ml Colorful Light Portable Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle
500ml Colorful Light Portable Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle

Main Features:
• Portable rich hydrogen water ionizer provides more healthy water for you
• Rich hydrogen water is easy to absorb and can help to boost your metabolism and reduce constipation to some extent
• Made of high borosilicate glass and 304 stainless steel, high quality and safe to use
• With a USB cable, it can be charged by a computer or a cell phone USB charger, convenient to use
• Colorful light makes the working process much more pleasant and it will go out when electrolytic process finished
• It only needs 6 minutes to produce a cup of hydrogen rich water which can be directly drunk
• With delicate design, it can serve as a perfect gift
• Suitable for home, office, traveling, etc

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NO. 3
Gearbest Original Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier
Original Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier

Main Features:
● 400 gallons high flux without stagnation and contamination, because no water tank is needed
● Advanced RO filtration technology removes substances larger than 0.0001 micrometer
● Automatic flushing the RO filter cartridge to guarantee the large water flow and great filtration effect
● Smart pure water production technology. 1.4L/min in optimized mode, 40 percent faster than 1st generation
● Monitor the real-time water quality and know the TDS value via the Mi Water Purifier App
● With 304 stainless steel water faucet meeting all the GB 18145 standards. No bacteria can be left on the interior
● High flow booster pump for stabilized flow and extending lifespan

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NO. 4
Gearbest VIOMI MH1Z - A 3.5L Electric Filter Kettle
VIOMI MH1Z – A 3.5L Electric Filter Kettle

Main Features:
● Drink fresh and clean water with VIOMI electric kettle
● UV light sterilization is safe and free from side effect
● It can effectively reduce scale deposit, residual chlorine and heavy metal
● The filter medium and cover can prevent the growth of bacteria
● Made of food-grade AS and ABS material, no BPA
● No need to open the lid, easy operation
● Low consumption UV light, the UV light can use 40 times on a full charge
● The replacement cycle of the filter: 6 weeks
● Water purifier: 1.5L

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NO. 5
Gearbest Original Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier PP Cotton Filter
Original Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier PP Cotton Filter

• Original xiaomi mi water purifier PP cotton filter for daily use
• PP cotton filter can effective filter dust, mud, sand, rust, bug, hair, fibe, etc.
• Smartphone remote control, you can check the service life of filter at any time
• Filter can removes 99.99 percent of PM2.5 particles, bacteria, heavy metal, organic matter, etc.
• Recommend replacing cycle: 3 – 6 month
• Suitable for children, cubicle, study, bedroom, bathroom and other place
• Easy and fast to install
• Provides comfortable living / learning / office environment for you and your family

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