Xiaomi Mi 8 vs OnePlus 6, both Snapdragon 845 Flagships

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Xiaomi Mi 8 vs OnePlus 6, both devices can offer you the same features and their similar pricing means that they are going to be competing with one another rather than going after the bigger and more expensive contenders.


OnePlus 6 is running OxygenOS while Mi 8 will be running MIUI 10. OxygenOS can be thought of as a slightly tweaked version of stock Android because it is extremely fluid (my own experience with it was nothing short of phenomenal), snappy, and it offers a whole bunch of customization options without the interface getting in the way of what you’re doing on the handset.


The glass back of the Mi 8 allows support for wireless charging, while the OnePlus 6 did not get the same treatment, and we feel that this was a missed opportunity in the end. OnePlus stated that the company did not feel this feature was required for the flagship, so it most likely that we’ll be seeing this feature in the successor next year.

The rest of the specifications are very similar, ranging from Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi ac, a Type-C USB charging port, though the Mi 8 is the first smartphone to utilize dual-frequency GPS for accurate location tracking and more. Other than that, the connectivity options remain the same.

Ever wondered why the notch on the Xiaomi Mi 8 is wider than the one on the OnePlus 6? It is because it has a 3D facial recognition system that is similar to the Face ID feature of the iPhone X. It utilizes an infrared light and infrared lens to make a 3D map of your face for accurate and fast unlocking of the smartphone.

Unfortunately, the OnePlus 6 relies on Face Unlock, which is dependant on the front camera and software, but the notch does not house any advanced 3D facial recognition components.

This would explain why it was extremely easy for someone to bypass the lock screen of the OnePlus 6 without requiring sufficient amounts of effort. If you want to unlock both smartphones in the more traditional manner, you always have the trusty rear-mounted fingerprint readers.

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